Dervish Restaurant in Berlin - Our Menu



Juicy goulash with soy protein chunks, paprika, tomatoes, sesame oil & spices, servied with golden basmati rice.

13.60 €

Kofta Kabob

Juicy green lentil cutlets served with baked potato quarters in savory celery & tomato sauce.

13.90 €


Thick pulled noodles served with fried tofu, aubergines, bell peppers, carrots & chili.

13.40 €

Dervish Set

Mix plate of: Dervish, Pickles, Fried Barak, Achichuk Salad and Hummus Sauce.

15.90 €

Kofta Set

Mix plate of: Kofta Kabob, Pickles, Fried Barak, Bodimjon Salad and Achiq Sauce.

15.90 €



Golden flatbreads stuffed with different tasty vegan fillings.

3.00 €

Fried Barak

Fried dumplings stuffed with greens, served with vegan creamy sauce.

8.40 €

Black Caviar *

Vegan faux black caviar made from chia seeds, nori, vegetable oil, black salt, soy sauce and black pepper.

5.50 €

Boiled Barak

Boiled dumplings stuffed with greens, served with vegan creamy sauce.

7.40 €

Dervish Restaurant in Berlin - Our Menu
Dervish Restaurant in Berlin - Our Menu



Rich & hearty vegetable soup with potatoes, celery root and stalks, parsnips, tomatoes, chickpeas, turnip, pumpkin and carrots.

4.50 €

Lentil Soup

Low in calories and fats green lentils soup made with tomatoes, carrots, celery, herbs and spices.

4.50 €

Barak Shurpa

Rich vegetables and roots broth with homemade dumplings stuffed with greens.

5.50 €



Pickled veggies: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers & spicy kimchi cabbage.

4.70 €


Delicious salad with grilled aubergines, paprika, fresh tomatoes, parsley and sesame seeds.

4.30 €


Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, kohlrabi and greens.

3.90 €


Homemade salad loaded with sauteed aubergines, bell peppers, tomatoes, zuccini, carrots, spices and vegetable oil.

4.30 €

Salads Set

Mix of Pickles, Bodimjan, Achichuk and Ikra salads.

8.90 €

Dervish Restaurant in Berlin - Our Menu

Breakfast Menu

Dervish Breakfasts

Tofu Scramble

Organic tofu scramble with tomatoes and spices.

Dervish Breakfasts


Pancakes with banana / apple caramel sauce.

Dervish Breakfasts

Cheese Plate

Homemade vegan cheese with crunchy сrispbreads.

Dervish Breakfasts

Avocado Toast

Toasted sandwich with vegan cheese, avocado and tomatoes.

Dervish Breakfasts

Porridge with Berries

Whole rolled porridge oats prepared with almond milk, vegan butter, blueberry & raspberry.

Dervish Breakfasts

Croissant with Coffee

Whole grain buttery croissant with a cup of coffee of your choice.