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Dervish - Vegan Manti


Dervish Set

Juicy and hearty stew with soy protein chunks, paprika, tomatoes, potato and spices, topped with greens and sesame seeds, paired with a salad and a sauce on choice.

17 €

Kofta Set

Plate of kofta cutlets made of ground green lentils, paprika, tomatoes and tofu. Served in spicy masala sauce, paired with boiled rice, a salad and a sauce on choice.

17.5 €


Thick noodles with fried tofu, zucchini, bell peppers and carrot, topped with parsley and sesame seeds. Served with peanut or chili sauce on the side.

15 €

Manti Plate

Steamed Manti dumplings with PUMPKIN or POTATO, paired with a salad and a sauce on choice.

16.5 €

Qutab Plate

Two stuffed Qutab flatbreads: 1 with greens, 1 with potato and vegan cheese, topped with sumac and greens, served with a salad and three sauces: hummus, chaka cream, spicy sauce.

17 €



Golden flatbreads stuffed with different tasty vegan fillings.

6.5 €


Hearty stew with soy chunks, paprika, tomatoes, potato, topped with greens and sesame seeds.

6.5 €


Tofu fingers fried with herbs and spices.

6.5 €

Kofta Wrap

Kofta cutlets with fresh salad and sauces in lavash bread.

8 €
Dervish - Vegan Kofta
Dervish Vegan Restaurant



Fresh salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, dill, fennel, chickpeas, joghurt, basil.

7.5 €


Veggie spread made of eggplants, bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchini and carrots.

6.5 €


Bell peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, olives and olive oil.

7.5 €



Rich, dense brownies from dates with intense chocolate flavor with no added sugar. Served with a ball of vegan ice cream

7 €


Multilayered flaky puff pastry cake with smooth, rich and luscious vegan cream in between the layers.

7 €


This flawless cashew and hazelnut home-made tiramisu is thick, creamy, delicious and a little bit addictive.

8 €


Soft Uzbek halva with roasted peanuts, prepared for special occasions.

5.5 €
Dervish - Napoleon cake & Coffee