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Dervish - Vegan Cuisine of Uzbekistan

Introducing the New Nomad Cuisine

Where Traditions Meet Innovation.

Step into a world where the age-old culinary traditions of Central Asia come to life in a delightful and refreshing way! At Dervish, we take pride in blending the rich heritage of nomadic kitchens with a dash of innovation to present a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience.

Drawing inspiration from nomadic roots, we emphasise simplicity, nutritional value, and the goodness of freshly sourced ingredients.

We’ve left behind heavy and unhealthy ingredients like all sorts of meat, dairy, eggs, onion, garlic to create a culinary journey that is light on the palate and gentle on the planet.

Join us at Dervish, if you’re ready to embark on a culinary adventure that honors tradition, health, and sustainability.

Whirling Flavors, Wholesome Plates.

Making the World Better, One Meal at a Time!

Why do we focus on vegan fare? Well, it all started with our family’s shared commitment to plant-based diet. While some of us are already vegans and others are transitioning from vegetarianism, we firmly believe that a well-balanced, plant-based diet is the optimal choice for both individuals and the planet we call home.

Our mission is simple: to make the world a better place, one meal at a time. We know that it may sound ambitious, but it’s fueled by our genuine passion for what we do. We believe that when you infuse love and dedication into your craft, positive change happens organically.

What exactly does “sattvic” mean? In essence, our dishes are free from meat, poultry, fish, diary, onion, garlic, mushrooms, and alcoholic beverages, in line with the principles of Ayurvedic tradition. For more detailed insights into this philosophy, feel free to explore our website at:

Dervish - Vegan Manti
Dervish - Vegan Kofta
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Our Food

We use high-quality products that do not contain preservatives, artificial flavours or additives and create food that we are proud to serve.





Dervish's oriental zone.

Feel the Central Asia

Dervish's oriental zone

In earlier times, long before tables and chairs came into use, people used to comfortably sit down on the ground and eat their meals. This tradition is still practiced in many parts of Central Asia, especially in Uzbekistan.

Sitting down on the floor, with crossed legs has many benefits for one's health, as it aids indigestion, Increases blood circulation, Improves posture, relaxes the mind and body.

Not only sitting down has a lot of immediate health benefits, it aids in many psychological and emotional factors too. Sitting down to eat our food makes us humbler and more grounded. It also connects the family together.

We invite you to dine in Dervish's traditional oriental zone with low tables and seat cushions with your family, friends or loved ones.

"Mega! I haven't eaten vegan so well in a long time. I was absolutely surprised by the food, the ambience and the friendly service. Definitely worth a visit. Thank you for this enrichment."
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